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The drawblocks and rings coated with UR65 are used on all types of drawing machines, fully submerged or spray, to draw all types of metals and alloys: Copper, Aluminum, Steel, Alloy, Gold, Platinum, Tungsten, etc.
The need arose to find a versatile material which could eliminate wear problems found in every stage of wire drawing from rod to ultrafine wire.
The UR65 coating is the result of this research. The high density of the Tungsten Carbide Particles and high bonding of these particles give the UR65 coating exceptional results against wear and abrasion.
All of the coating conditions are monitored by a strict computerized analysis, to obtain consistent omogeneity of the hard metal (chemical, and mechanical characteristics).
Our procedure allows the UR65 coating to perfectly penetrate the steel piece combining the two, to form one body.
For this reason, the coating offers absolute resistance to its detachment due to certain impacts or pressure from temperature variations.
Average surface roughness : Ra = .25 u (metric).